Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

NO WEBSITE OR A BAD WEBSITE According to Clutch’s 2016 Small Business Marketing Survey, a whopping 46% of small businesses reported not to have a website. When you consider that the majority of customers (over 95%) search online for products or services and that most searches are local, it’s hard to rationalize not having [...]

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Google warns penalties on “intrusive interstitials” come January

Google is reinforcing their mobile search experience guidelines by cracking down on those who still insist on using intrusive web pages displayed before or after the expected content. Google has announced they are launching a new search algorithm penalty that will essentially downgrade mobile pages that have intrusive interstitials that get in the users way [...]

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A Shift in News Feed

Who knew it would take Facebook to tell us that we are slowly losing our connection to the people who supposedly matter the most to us. Well, it did. Recently, Facebook made the announcement that they are in the process of changing their News Feed algorithm…again… to put personal content from friends and family in the [...]

5 ways consumers connect to stores with mobile shopping

Smartphones are changing consumer behavior both in and out of stores, and for both big and small companies.  Here are five ways brands can connect with real people, in real time. Consumers are relying more on their mobile devices to communicate, research products and acquire information.  Brands are realizing that mobile plays a large role [...]

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“Spring Clean” Your Brand Identity

It’s never too late to re-evaluate your brand’s look and nothing could be more motivating to do so then the change in seasons. Change can be a little scary, but here at Shift, we thrive in it. Here are 4 quick tips to make your life a little easier when you want to rebrand, but [...]

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Call today! Order now! Get this amazing item, FREE! Cheesy, overly energetic calls to action like these have been part of our culture since the earliest days of advertising. This is direct response! It’s not image communication. Those are two different animals, right?   SALES NOW VS. IMAGE LONG-TERM Image is used at the top of [...]

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40 Leaders Under Forty: Neal Davis

One of Shift’s own, Neal Davis, was recently honored as one of the Triad Business Journal’s 40 Leaders Under 40. This award recognizes the most influential leaders in business under the age of 40.  The list of honorees comes from a number of different fields and backgrounds.  These individuals are constantly demonstrating potential for success, [...]

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How to Prepare for Google’s Next Change

Google’s next big change is here: it’s time to say “goodbye” to right-side ads on desktop search landing pages.  In an effort to align the mobile and desktop experience, the search giant will be reducing the total number of text ads shown on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) from 11 to 7.  The right-hand [...]

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4 Signs your Business Needs a Website Overhaul

Technology is changing faster than ever and your website needs to change with it. If you’ve been thinking about a website redesign, check your existing site against the red flags below to know if it’s time for a virtual makeover. It isn’t generating leads The greatest thing about digital tactics is tangible results.  Getting a [...]

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Super Bowl Ads: Touchdown or Sack?

Ready your game day snacks and beverages, Super Bowl weekend is fast approaching. And while we tune in to watch two teams battle for pigskin supremacy, marketers are gearing up for the coveted, highly anticipated, Holy Grail of advertising. Stakes are high for players, coaches, and marketers alike. The cost of a 30-second Super Bowl [...]

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You Look Like the Right Kind of Type

For people who don't live in the design world, the world of fonts is a bit mystifying. There are an endless number of typefaces to chose from - from normal everyday fonts like Times New Roman, to funky fonts, script fonts, heavy fonts, fonts that would horrify any designer - with no way to sort [...]

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The world is changing right under our digital footprints. What comes next will be a function of the impact we make, as we navigate through this weird wonderland of changing media. So who will your guides be? There are more than 7 billion people on earth, and you can’t pay attention to all of them. [...]

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5 Tips for Creating Newsletters Users Want to Read

Email newsletters are the perfect way to communicate with prospects or customers on a regular basis. However, email marketing is a delicate relationship that needs proper nourishment.  If you provide the wrong type or consistency of information, you’ll lose permission to communicate with prospects. As a marketer, we know you have good intentions with your [...]

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6 Must-Haves for a Landing Page That Converts

Yay – you’ve created a top-notch digital marketing campaign. Congrats! But if you’re sending people to the front door of your website and measuring this campaign by clicks or CTR, you’re leaving ROI on the table. Landing pages are the essential tool to drive conversions. Take a look at your website’s homepage. A quick glance [...]

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Take Your Data Further: 3 First-Party Data Uses to Implement in 2016

No matter how you decide to classify and label the consumer journey, one thing is certain: advertising has shifted from a push strategy to a pull strategy.  With consumers in control, creating a one-to-one connection is a necessity for marketers. Ironically, the only way brands can deliver a more personalized experience is through the use [...]

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3 Micro-moments you haven’t thought about

When someone picks up a mobile device, chances are he wants to know, find, buy or do something that instant. Whether the user is seeking information from an app, an online search or a YouTube video, these micro-moments are happening eight billions times per day in the U.S. Brands can stand out in these pivotal [...]

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Adult Coloring Books

Are you stressed? Do you find often that your mind wanders? Do you often feel inadequate due to your lack of creative talent? There is hope. Let the power of adult coloring books take control of your fears and anxiety. Adult coloring books are a fun and creative solution with many (positive) side-effects. Studies show [...]

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Is Direct Mail a Thing of the Past?

Online advertising may be dominating the market today, but that doesn’t mean direct mail isn’t just as important. It still plays a huge role in the advertising world. Online marketing allows you to target specific audiences and track their viewing behavior, but that doesn’t mean your print ads targeting the right audience won’t be skimmed [...]

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Millennial Focus

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the United States, making them a hot topic in today’s world of marketing. Even with this significance, there is still a disconnect on how companies should market to them. In reality, it's straightforward - the easiest way for a brand to fail is by not understanding millennials, not [...]

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2016 Web Trends: Animation

For companies that take their websites seriously, looking forward is the only way to start a new project. Otherwise, you risk falling behind competitors who are more in tune with the needs of today’s users. This is the third in a series of unique web design trends that we expect to see grow and expand over [...]

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