In 2016, Morrisette approached Shift with a problem: although sales were growing and customers were happy, they knew they could be doing more. And they knew there was a false perception within the market about them. They had been evolving with significant speed, but their prospects didn’t know that. We retained many of the hallmarks of the brand – the storied Pin Oak Tree, the associated green color palette and the essence of family. We explored their existing visual language, and made some additions. Color palette were tweaked, fonts were changed and a focus on imagination was injected into the brand. We built upon these hallmarks, creating bespoke print collateral that matched their outlook on delivering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership solutions – which are hand tailored to their specific client.


We recreated their website focusing more on process rather than product. The result is a world class website that matches who Morrisette truly is – a leader within the industry. Finally, we created a corporate video to reenergize employees, customers and prospects alike. Filmed and produced by our award winning, in house video team, the video provides life to a sometimes stagnant industry. All of these components came together to create an integrated brand solution that was sophisticated, strategically sound and moved the needle forward for our client.