Boost your ROI with the myOffer Conversion System.

Are you tired of high cost-per-click (CPC) ads eating up your budget and limiting your ability to reach new customers?

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    Most monthly campaigns require you to spend an enormous amount of money to acquire new visitors.
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    Only a tiny fraction of those visitors actually take an action on your page to become a lead, and even fewer lead to a sale.
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    Imagine if this cycle could be broken, drastically reducing your Cost per Unit Sold.

myOffer Has One Job: Sell More and Spend Less with the 2% Rule.

It's a conversion and sales-focused technology tool that delivers real ROI. It accomplishes this by mapping your customer's behavior on your website and understanding when they are ready to buy. When that moment arrives, they are given a closing offer so good that they will provide their information to purchase on the spot.

The primary premise behind the myOffer technology is to identify the key sales triggers that demonstrate a customer's intent to buy and to use that knowledge to deliver increased conversions of your target audience.

By hitting the potential customer with an enticing offer right at that moment of decision, they are much more likely to take the leap and go for the action. This helps prevent the loss of sales due to customer indecision, as as you've seen before - closing a customer while their interest is piqued is much more effective than trying to chase them down once they've gone cold.

See the "2% Rule" in action.

Use the calculator below to see how any 2% increase in conversion rate of engaged visitors sells more cars than any 20% increase in quality website traffic.

Get Real Results, Real ROI, Real Fast

With the same website traffic, the myOffer Conversion System is able to deliver a guaranteed 30% lift in leads.

Implementing the myOffer system is as easy as three steps

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    Determine who gets the leads. 
    The first step involves defining the target audience and outlining the offers that can be used as triggers to convince them to buy when presented with your offer.
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    We add some code to your website.
    A simple piece of code is added to your website which allows our tool to become integrated with your current sales funnel. Once the code is added, we then confirm that everything is active.
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    Within 48 hours, new leads begin.
    Once we've confirmed that the code is active, your visitors begin seeing the intelligently-timed offers within 48 hours. Read the case study below to see how powerful this simple integration can be.

Case Study: Rick Case Automotive Group

This case study was performed for the entirety of Rick Case Auto Group, which is one of the largest privately-owned dealer groups in the United States. In January, the Rick Case's management team decided to perform a 'side-by-side' test of the myOffer Conversion Platform for 30 days in each of their 15 stores.

Each store had custom offers in the myOffer platform and personalized variables that were specific to each particular store's website visitor behavior. The competing offer platform also included a chat tool component and even though the myOffer platform did not incorporate a chat tool, the leads that the competing platform generated from their chat tool were included to show that no punches were pulled for this study.

The Results of the Side-by-Side Challenge

At the conclusion of the first 30 days of the study, the competing platform, including its chat tool, generated 57 sales for the entire group at an average lead-to-sales rate of 12%. Meanwhile, the myOffer conversion platform provided Rick Case with 116 sales for the entire group with an average lead-to-sales rate of 14%. The following three months were even more in myOffer's favor and  Rick Case Auto Group opted to cancel their previous platform in favor of adopting myOffer.

Discover how MyOffer Can Boost Your ROI Today

Don't let this opportunity to improve your ROI pass you by. We would love to learn more about your current marketing efforts and the tremendous potential we can offer by implementing the myOffer Conversion Platform into your website, making it a staple of your sales toolbox.