The story began in Tom & Sabine Verellen’s hometown of Antwerp, Belgium, where the old and the new—modern and traditional—are in natural harmony. Fast forward to High Point, North Carolina, where furniture-making knowhow is hard-wired and talent abounds. Verellen was using a website rooted in legacy technology that not only wasn’t performing for them, but was not accurately depicting this chic brand.

Shift was contracted to concept, design and build a new website that matched the existing brand identity, while being future-proofed against enterprise changes that were coming in the future – all while being easy to use, so the in-house marketing team could manage it. Additionally, the custom nature of the operation allowed for over a trillion unique SKUs, so simplification was top of mind.

We developed a clean and refreshing site that leverages white space, emotive copy, and product photography to allow for the true brand identity to shine. Working closely with the marketing team, we moved to a product family approach, rather than an individual product schema. Finally, we developed a best in class customer portal to allow Verellen’s clientele access to all of the information they need to support their own customers.