New Technology, Same Old Tricks

With an ever-changing technology landscape comes new opportunities for marketing your product, service or brand. And while some of these advances in technology are incredibly complex and may seem daunting, the principles behind why they can be leveraged to promote your brand haven’t changed.

One of my favorite communication concepts comes from a TED TALK given years ago by Clay Shirky. In an incredibly insightful chat, he explains (and proves) that we are living through the largest swing in the way humans communicate – ever. And that really hit home for me, not only because it’s true, but consider what a dramatic statement that is. And while that talk is now a decade old, the guiding principles haven’t changed.

To put these concepts into today’s technology landscape, let’s take Voice Search products (using Amazon Echo as an example). This relatively new technology is changing the way people interact with brands. Consider the way you would use voice search versus the way you would manually type out your search – the two approaches differ don’t they? Just this one example impacts your search marketing strategy, your e-commerce strategy and so much more.

Another example of the intersection of emerging technology and brand building can be seen in Virtual Reality products. Consider this – one of the most sought after emotions in cause marketing is empathy. In order for a target to truly align with a cause, you need them to not only understand the cause, but share those feelings that you are portraying. With the introduction of Virtual Reality headsets, we can now transform an experience from a stagnant one to an immersive one. One where you can place a person in almost any situation in the world. Leveraging this technology, we can now place targets in an experience in order to develop empathy, and ultimately align them with our cause, brand or product.

While many brands may not realize the massive change taking place, the ones that do will undoubtedly come out on top. If the introduction of new technology seems daunting, just remember – the same principles from back in the day still apply. And while it can be tempting to latch on to the shiny new objects in the marketing world, just remember to consider even the newest technology with the same rigor as the “good old” tactics and strategies.

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