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Shift is an SEO agency that offers premium search engine optimization services in Greensboro and the surrounding North Carolina area.

Professional website design is more than just the way it looks, it’s how it functions, how you communicate your brand, services, and product offerings, it’s often the first impression you make to a prospective customer. Our web design and digital specialists teams have years of experience designing and developing custom WordPress websites that serve as a powerful marketing tool to help you attract new visitors and keep existing customers informed.

Better Visibility. Better Results.

What's the Purpose of SEO?

Whenever someone searches for information on Google, Bing, or another search engine, they type their query into the search bar of their browser and the search engine presents them with a list of results. It's up to the search engine to figure out what sites are the most relevant for a particular search query, and lots of metrics are employed to determine those results.

Thus, SEO was born. Since being ranked on the first page of Google for target keywords can be extremely lucrative, an industry was born out of a desire to figure out what secret ingredients go into pushing a site to the top.

In other words, SEO is an invaluable component to your online presence strategy since it represents one of the largest avenues to draw new potential customers to your business website.

What are the Benefits of Working with an SEO Agency?

When you choose to work with an experienced SEO agency rather than handling SEO yourself, you stand to gain back your time and energy while benefiting from the results of professionals.

An SEO agency will live and breathe search engine optimization and understand the multitude of factors involved with getting your web presence to where it needs to go, from the technical, on-page updates to the best link-building strategies to rank for a particular family of search terms.

Let's Take a Look at Your SEO Strategy

When you share your website URL, we'll give you a complete website audit to see how your business is currently performing on the web in order to identify potential areas for improvement, both on-site through funnel optimization and through a variety of digital marketing strategies and web development solutions.

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