We’re looking for people who want to make a difference. Because working at Shift is different from working at a regular job. Here, we expect things to change constantly. Which means your job will change constantly. And you get to be the one changing it.

What it’s like working here


We’re all adults here. And when adults have to do things outside the office (like take care of kids, for example) we understand. We know you care about what you do as much as we do, and you’re just as driven to see it succeed, because that’s the kind of person we attract here. So, come and go as you please, and get work done from wherever you need to be. No guilt trips from your boss.


When you work with us, you’re family. Which means your family is family, too. If the sitter calls in sick and you have to bring your kids to work, that’s okay. In fact, bring your dog, too. Everyone’s welcome.


When you love what you do, work can be pretty fun. And we create an environment that allows that sense of fun to thrive every day. Our party planning committee always has something in the works. We have a fully stocked bar in the office, 60” TVs with gaming systems and streaming movies. Summer hours give you longer weekends when you want it most.


We want to involve our people in our growth, and we want everyone to profit from it. So in addition to a great benefits package, Shift offers 401K matching, and an innovative entrepreneurial compensation program. We also have regular meetings where we bring in a delicious lunch, discuss what’s going on, and listen to what you really think.

“I’ve gone from interning to the Client Services team to the Communications team at Shift. Being able to wear so many hats has given me the chance to explore and fine-tune all of my skillsets. Each day presents a new challenge that I can’t wait to tackle! “

-Becca Pink

Becca Pink Shift Digital Strategist, OG Intern

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