A Road Map to Next-Level Copy

Ever wonder if your brand’s copy could be more effective? When every word has the potential to make or break your message, it’s imperative to regularly evaluate your copy’s effectiveness. For those who aren’t copywriters, the concept can feel nebulous and unnavigable. Copywriting, at its core, is unlike every other method of writing. Space is limited, and the simplest words can cause you to lose readers. No matter where a piece of copy is headed, its goal is always the same. Engage the audience. Easier said than done, right?

Let’s look at the process of taking a piece of copy from the draft stage to a finished product. Most readers wouldn’t consider these two sentences awful, but they won’t drive action.

What should you think about when shopping for a mattress? Try researching low-waste mattresses made from natural materials.

Copy space is at a premium, so condensing your message is vital. Choosing powerful language means you can impact more strongly using fewer words. This message can be made into a single sentence.

When shopping for a mattress, try researching low-waste mattresses made from natural materials.

Next evaluate your action phrases and choose the most important one or two. Here I have shopping and try researching. My readers are largely consumers, so they’re already shopping or they wouldn’t be reading my blog post. It makes sense to cut shopping from the text.

Try researching low-waste mattresses made from natural materials.

Now look for unnecessary words that aren’t definite like could, maybe, and if. Try is one of these words in my example. I don’t want my reader to try something, I want them to do it. The hard part can be telling readers upfront what you want them to do. Every piece of copy needs a call to action. Use that to your advantage here.

Think about buying a low-waste mattress made from natural materials.

Then the final step is switching in more powerful words like consider instead of think and further condensing. Made from natural materials can be changed to naturally-sourced, which saves space and is more interesting to the reader.

Consider buying a low-waste, naturally-sourced mattress.

Check out the difference between this and the original version of this copy. The final version of the sentence is much more powerful. It’s concise and clear while using interesting language. Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of trying it yourself? You’re not in it alone. We’re here to help! Give us a call, and we’ll take your copy to the next level.