4 Signs your Business Needs a Website Overhaul

Technology is changing faster than ever and your website needs to change with it. If you’ve been thinking about a website redesign, check your existing site against the red flags below to know if it’s time for a virtual makeover.

#1: It isn’t generating leads

The greatest thing about digital tactics is tangible results.  Getting a lot of visitors to your website doesn’t touch the bottom line for your business. Getting leads from all of those website visitors does. Don’t leave ROI hanging. Set up proper lead-capture tactics and turn your efforts into results.

#2: It doesn’t work on a mobile phone

The last couple of years have been monumental for mobile devices. 2014 marked the first time mobile internet usage exceeded that of desktops. In summer of 2015, Google released the Panda algorithm update, which negatively impacts sites that have poor mobile experiences. It’s time to face the facts: website designs must accommodate mobile devices. An “m-dot” version of your site is no longer acceptable. Infuse mobile-oriented features and elements into your website design from the get-go.

#3: It doesn’t reflect your brand

Your website is likely your first impression. As such, if your website does not properly convey the message and energy that your Sales team or your Customer Service team would, you need to rethink the user experience that you’ve created.

#4: It’s difficult for you to update

You shouldn’t need to know how to code in order to update a sentence or two on your website.  These days, content management systems (CMS) are very user-friendly.  If your current site is built using a CMS that you can’t access and maneuver, it’s time for an update.

You no longer just need a web presence. You now need a well-designed, easily navigable, constantly updated, engaging website that meets the needs of both your customers and your business. Give Shift a call if you’re falling short in any of these categories.